Bare Root Tree Project for Afghanistan

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San Rafael, California
United States
Organization/Business Information
Organization/Business Name: 
Bare Root Tree Project for Afghanistan
Has the organization's 501(c)(3) status been completed: 
How much, in USD, will the organization spend on projects in Afghanistan in 2011: 
How much revenue, in USD, does your businesses generate per year?: 
How many people in Afghanistan are directly affected by the work you do?: 
Will the organization/business participate in the Summit in the following locations: 
Washington DC
Contact Information
Main Contact: 
Asma Nazihi Eschen
Booth Representatives: 
Asma Nazihi Eschen
Mission and Goals
Organization’s Mission/Objective: 
Connecting people through planting trees
Past Accomplishments: 
Planted 30,000 tress in Afghanistan since 2004 Distributed 140,00 tress in Afghanistan since 2004 500 seed packages distributed every year $300 per sent to Afghanistan for water distribution project
What is your organization/business planning to do to improve the lives of the people in Afghanistan?: 
Continue with tree, seed and water distribution
How can others get involved in helping your organization/business?: 
Travel to Afghanistan and plant trees with us!


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